Build a Treasure Chest of Email Subscribers via LinkedIn

Getting your first 1,000 mail subscribers is not an easy goal – but it’s not impossible. Before contacting your potential customers, you need to know them better than they know themselves. Only then can you create a unique value proposition that will set you apart from others. Don’t forget: you must treat each customer as if they are your one and only. Let’s get ready to create your fan-base!

1. Catch their attention with an appealing subject line.

No one is going to open your message if the vague subject line doesn’t resonate with them. Make the title appealing or promise a benefit for reading the message. Keep in mind that an awesome subject line is worthless if it is irrelevant to the message.

  1. Keep it short and sweet, but most of all, personal

Be concise and relevant, while still adding a personal touch. Learning your customers’ background and personalizing your message can go a long way. Half of B2B decision-makers won’t even consider replying to a non-personalized message. A shared connection will increase the odds of replying by 27 percent, so make sure that you write to each reader individually.

Shared Connection
  1. Show a valid reason for initiating contact

When a reason for contact is clearly stated, there is a 55 percent increase in conversion rate – assuming the reason benefits both parties. Pure self- interest won’t open any doors for you.

  1. End with a clear call-to-action

Do not send vague requests – ask for what you need by providing something of value in return. A clear call-to-action can be the difference between a powerful connection and a forgotten acquaintance.

  1. Timing is everything

Avoid sending a message on Saturdays,  as your message might end up in a forgotten pile. Sunday evenings and Tuesday mornings do well statistically, since people are preparing for the week or recovering from their first day back. 

The best way to ensure that you’re sending messages at the right time is to measure your open and click rates through the LinkedIn ad platform. Try sending at different times, and identify when has the best results – these will be your “peak” times. Do your own ‘trial and error’ to see if this is true for your business.

  1. No direct selling – social selling only

Pitching can only damage your thought-leadership reputation and make people ignore you. Show your expertise and share your knowledge – that in itself will add value to your brand.

  1. Spark your prospect’s curiosity – persuasion is not your friend

Just like kids, we value what we find out for ourselves instead of what we are told. Our basic instinct is to reject information that is being pushed at us- the same goes for your customers. Ask yourself how will your email make the reader want to talk further? 

The most important takeaways from this lesson are to make an appealing and personal subject line, establish a bond with a personal message, emphasize the benefits of a future relationship, and ask for action. These valuable insights and tips are a fraction of the knowledge that a Certified LinkedIn Professional Marketer must possess. 

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