#3 Quiz What NOT to do on LinkedIn
Do you have a LinkedIn business account?
Yes, I love it!
No, but I am interested...
Not yet, but I have a personal profile page.
Great, so what about your marketing platform - which best describes your strategy?
Using Facebook to post paid ads.
Sending out emails with special deals and offers.
Using offline methods to increase your reach.
Great, what do you like most about using Facebook ads?
Ease of use
Simple platform
Why do you choose email marketing as your preferred contact method?
Everyone uses email
Pre-made templates are quick and easy to use
It is easy to send out mass emails to your marketing list
Great, so you are a traditional and 'old school' kind of person. Would you consider moving your marketing ploys ONline?
No, I don't think so...
Yes - but I don't know how.
Okay, we can show you why using LinkedIn can only HELP your marketing presence and business reach! Have you done any of the following before on LinkedIn?
Connecting with another user
Direct messaging a connection
Posting a status update
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