#4 Quiz How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence
Have you considered using LinkedIn as a marketing tool?
Yes, I'm a huge fan!
No, I don't know how...
Great, so what about other online marketing platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)?
Yes, I use 1-2 other sites.
I only use LinkedIn.
I don't use any online sites.
Great, so you are well on your way to becoming a marketing expert! What content do you post on social platforms? Select all that apply.
Video content
Responding to other users' comments
We think LinkedIn is pretty great too. What do you want to improve with your LinkedIn presence?
Reading analytics and data to boost your marketing strategy.
Utilizing call-to-action buttons.
Sharing articles from users in your targeted niche.
Do you find that your marketing strategy is working well, or do you want to branch out using online websites to increase your reach?
Yes, but I don't know how.
Yes, and I don't need any help.
No, I need to change something to get more leads.
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