#6 LinkedIn Headlines That Will Magnetically Draw Your Audience In
Do you have a LinkedIn profile that is up and running?
Yes! I love LinkedIn.
Nope, not yet. I would love some help.
Great, so what about your profile? Do you keep your information up-to-date and current?
Yes, I update my work experience and status regularly.
No, the info is the same from when I first created my account.
Great, we can help you enhance your profile with engaging content! Have you used any of the following headline types on your page before? Check all that apply.
List posts (___ number of ways to...)
How-to posts
Resources posts (Guide to ....)
Why have you not updated your profile or your headline?
I don't have time
I don't have any new information to put on my profile
I do not know what content to post or share on my page
What do you look for in other users' LinkedIn headlines? Choose all that apply.
Dynamic and engaging language
Personable information
Visual content that is personalized their profile and page.
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