#7 Quiz Build a Treasure Chest of Email Subscribers via LinkedIn
Do you use email every day?
Nope, only a few times a week.
I rarely check my email or send emails.
Great, so let's get you started with email marketing. Do you currently have any email subscribers?
Yes, I frequently use email marketing and am in the process of building my email subscriber base.
No, I use email for communicating with peers but do not have any subscribers.
Great, we can help you earn more email subscribers by following some of our tips. Do you use any of the following tactics? Check all that apply.
Catchy subject lines
Personalized content
Including a call-to-action
Why have you not used email marketing as a tool in the past?
I don't have the time.
I don't know how to use email marketing.
I don't think email marketing is a powerful marketing tool.
What social platform do you use most to build your email subscriber list?
Other online platform
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