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The elusive 10,000 followers on Instagram is something that all users and influencers strive for. Instagram is potentially the most important social networking platform around right now. Each platform, whether it be YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, is like your own personal channel.

You can tailor the message you want to show your followers, and alter the messaging via each method. For Twitter, you might use concise and short snippets of information, while video reigns king on Youtube. 

On Instagram, however, you get a combination of the best of all social networking platforms. You can use stories on Instagram, which are beneficial for product placement, bringing your viewers and followers on a specific journey, or using the ability to say the coveted phrase – “Swipe up!”


The “swipe up” feature lets you embed any link you want in your Instagram story – ANY link at all. This means you do not have to direct your followers to just one link in your bio.

In this article, we are going to discuss FIVE great ways to grow to your 10K fast as well as a secret SIXTH way that’s like a shot of Instagram follower adrenaline, straight to your profile.

We all know the one – the link that has been collecting dust on your Instagram profile for weeks. You don’t want to change the link, since it goes to the landing page for your website or another important page for you, but you really want to sell this new book, course, or product on your story. So – how?

The answer is – swipe up. 

By using the swipe up feature, you can make it easier, simpler, and less tedious for your followers to do what you want. By directing your viewers to a specific product page, you can sell more, boost your traffic to your own website, and thereby, grow the popularity of your own business… and build your Instagram engagement so more people see your stories and posts.

How do you get this “swipe up” feature, you ask?

Once you hit 10,000 followers on Instagram, thismagicalbutton is unlocked for you.

You might be wondering – how do I reach 10k followers on Instagram? It seems like such a faraway goal, especially if you are new to the Instagram world. Reaching your first 100 seems like a milestone, let alone 10k!

Let’s see the top 5 ways of how to reach 10k followers on Instagram to boost your web traffic, sales, and productivity. 

Find Your Ideal Followers

Instagram is all about forming relationships with new people, reaching outside of your comfort zone, and also knowing what your ideal target audience is. 

Similar to building a community of influencers that can help promote the product within your niche, you need to do the same with your followers – or potential followers.

  • First, try and find followers who will be interested in what you are selling and the message you are trying to convey.
  • Use the DM feature on your Instagram to reach out to your ideal follower. Strike up a conversation by being genuine. Be human – and they will respect honesty, straightforwardness, and realness.
  • Not sure how to strike up a conversation? Ask a question. See how they got to where they are today. Ask them what their goals are, what they are looking to accomplish, and what they are interested in.
  • You can also ask them what problems they might have or what they want to change. If you are both within the same industry, then you might have similar issues with aspects of the business.

These conversations with potential followers are key to really deciphering their ideals and getting to know your potential customer on a deeper level. The feedback you can receive from possible customers can help you formulate and shape your programs, offerings, products, and the way in which you speak to your target market.

Collaboration is the Foundation of Business

One of the aspects of Instagram that people love so much is the sense of community and groups. You can search a hashtag and see others who have photos using the same hashtag/topic. You can search for a specific group of people, user, topic, or place, and see other users who have posted photos in the same location, with the same topic, or liked the same photo.

Creating a community online is key to building a strong base with the people you connect with. Without a strong community who follows the same ideals, similarities, and can relate to you on a deeper level, you will just be in an artificial world of photos.

Dive into the Instagram community by reaching out to similar people within your niche. Ideally, look for those who have a similar amount of followers. Either you can help each other in the journey to gain 10k followers, or, if you choose someone who has more followers than you, you can get advice, hints, and tips from them on how to reach your goal.

One way you can connect with those in the same niche is to use Story shout-outs. A Story shout-out, also known as an IG shout-out, is when one user promotes another user from their own personal Instagram account. 

This helps your own page, since people will see you are connected with someone else in your target niche, you are capable and willing to promote someone else’s product, and you are well connected in the Instagram world.

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Boost the Content of Your IG Stories

Stories are a foolproof way to allow your customers to get a look into the way you live your daily life, the background story behind your brand, the details you have to focus on to make your company tick, and other details that humanize your brand. 

Not only do stories help you with the personalization and humanization of your brand, but they are great at boosting engagement on your account. 

Here are the steps of how to boost engagement on your stories and improve the content.

Run Instagram Ads

If you are really striving to reach 10k followers on your page, then running Instagram ads can be a great experiment for your business and page. Although you can’t create an ad to solely gain followers, you can use certain functions to increase the reach of your post or increase the number of clicks.

Try to see if you get better engagement by boosting certain Stories, adding video content, and combining your own video content to Instagram ads. By personalizing the ad, your followers will be more likely to try and purchase the product.

You might be curious how much this will cost you, especially if you are new in the entrepreneurial world. Good news for you – you don’t need a lot of money to try this experiment.

All you need is a minimal investment and a creative mind. By putting a little bit of money down, you will be able to earn more in the long run.

Tag Shout-Out Pages in Your Own Posts

This will take a little bit of research on your end. Find pages that offer some shout-outs on their page. Make sure they are in the same niche as you, to ensure you have a similar goal in mind. Use their hashtags and tag them in your own post.

Try and aim for user accounts that have over 10k followers – you want to be on the same level as them! If you get a shoutout from them this can increase your exposure exponentially.

Pros and Cons of an Instagram Business Profile

Now that you know about the “swipe up” feature and the certain methods you can use by reaching 10k followers, we must go in depth about the pros and cons of having an Instagram business profile. It’s time to weigh your options and decide if this is the right move for your brand.

Similar to any other marketing activity, people online have strong opinions about whether this is the right move or not. Some people may think that business profiles are not worth the hype, while others highly recommend the benefits one can gain for your business.

Let’s take a look at the positives and negatives to commit to this type of Instagram profile.

Instagram Business Profile: Pros

You can maximize the effectiveness of your profile
Being an experienced marketer means that you know all about the limitations when it comes to social media – Twitter requires a limited number of characters per Tweet, and Instagram needs your profile to be short and sweet. With only 150 characters available and one clickable link,  deciding what to put in your bio is crucial.

When you have a business profile, you can add a little bit more to this limited platform. You can add email buttons, call buttons, and direction buttons to your specific business, increasing user-friendliness.

The clickable link that you add in your profile might be just enough to get someone to go to your home page. However, in many businesses, having that little extra will encourage people to interact more with your profile. 

The business profile buttons may just help you get to 10k followers quicker, and have more clout to use and benefit from online shout-outs and giveaways.

You can run ads to boost your brand

Advertising, as we know, is a crucial part of an effective marketing campaign. According to Instagram, you need an Instagram business profile to run a successful platform. So let’s see why the owners themselves say that.

By switching to a business account, you can run ads, giveaways, and shout-outs that can incorporate and encourage your followers to turn into customers. Including links through your Stories can be very effective, since the Stories get extremely high click-through rates for brands.

Utilizing ads on your Instagram business profile influences the success of your giveaways. By consistently having a product or a service for your customers and followers to obtain, they will be more likely to interact with your page.

Instagram Business Profile Cons

You could end up hurting your engagement

We all know that Instagram has a specific algorithm that is unknown to the general public. If the platform is similar at all to their related Facebook, then we can assume they are striving to get people to pay for ads. Or else, how could they make any money?

When you switch to a business profile, you basically send out signals to Instagram that you are going to sell your products to prospective customers. This act sets you in Instagram’s sights as one of their target customers.

Instagram might then make adjustments according to your new status, and end up blocking some of your posts from your followers. If you see your engagement numbers fall, through no fault of your own, you will then end up paying more for advertising – see how this works?

Although reaching 10k on Instagram and getting a business profile is important, engagement is one of the most important features of your profile. Without the proper numbers getting to your page and viewing your Stories, you will not be able to gain the same amount of click-through rates for your giveaways and contests to earn cash.

The Choice is Yours

Whether you decide to make the leap or not, an Instagram business profile has positives and negatives that can drastically affect your engagement, your overall business success, and the future of your company.

You can decide to switch to your business profile before or after you reach the elusive 10k, to help you gain more followers and click-through rates. If you are focused on Instagram ads, getting noticed through shout-outs, and using your profile for cash giveaways, then switching to a Business profile could be the best choice for you. 

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