LinkedIn Advertising Is a Secret Weapon for Sales Success Stories

LinkedIn can generate promising leads that turn into purchasing customers. It is a trusted platform for business professionals with over 500 million members. The biggest advantage of using LinkedIn over other social media platforms is the ability to reach the right leads. 

Gaining the right leads lets you grow your sales and your business in unimaginable ways! The professional environment of LinkedIn is the best soil to crop your seeds. However, it takes well-thought-out tactics.

All LinkedIn user success stories have one thing in common – they know how to use LinkedIn Advertising
  1. They understand that LinkedIn Advertising Is Different from Other Social Platforms

To begin with, LinkedIn has a professional feel, whereas other platforms are personal. This gives you a unique ability to reach top-of-the-funnel audiences. Due to the professional setting, the users are more receptive to the message you are trying to convey with your marketing efforts.

LinkedIn Successful Case Studies

  1. They take advantage of targeting

You can filter your audience to ensure your efforts reach the intended audience and avoid irrelevant traffic. LinkedIn takes targeting further than other platforms thanks to InMail, which lets you contact any prospective lead without running into barriers. 

LinkedIn lets you match your business data with its abundant user-generated content, letting you identify your target audience and expand your reach.

LinkedIn Targeting Tactics to Start Using TODAY:

Stack Your Parameters

Use at least 1 targeting parameter to not target too broadly. Consider using the successful rule of 3 – choosing three target parameters can narrow down the broad audience without getting too specific and limiting yourself.

Expand Your Targeted Reach

Use Lookalike Audiences to make your content seen by people who have viewed similar content to yours.

Utilize Content Suggestions

Content Suggestions help you engage your target audience and provides audience insights to get to know your personnel better.

Use Groups to Help Targeting

Leveraging Groups allows you to set a target parameter and provide more info about interests you are not currently aware of.

Use Account Targeting

Increase brand awareness and share a communication platform between contacts by using this targeted marketing approach.

  1. They know better conversion rates do not happen by accident

LinkedIn advertising is more expensive – but it’s not overpriced. When compared to other platforms, its ROI potential is significantly greater, giving you a greater value. Smaller investments that don’t deliver end up costing you more than larger ones that help you achieve your conversion goals – not to mention, potential to generate a greater return.

  1. They know what ‘social selling’ means

Whether you will opt for organic outreach campaigns or paid traffic campaigns, the foundation lies in avoiding aggressive selling. Offering solutions and educating your audience will contribute to your sales far more than direct selling ever could.

  1. They test multiple formats to refine their strategy

Check response rates on your ads. What does your audience like? Some users enjoy posts with statistical figures, whereas some users prefer images. By manually uploading the image in your ad, as opposed to having LinkedIn take the image from your page, you could end up with 38% more clicks. Test consistently until you know your customer better than they know themselves.

  1. They know the difference between persistence and pestering

Success depends on engaging with your audience: inspire them to discuss your post and reply to their comments. Your approach should never feel unnatural, make the client uncomfortable, or force something on them. 

Persistence is a good thing – but only up to a point. If you can empathize with your recipient, there’s no reason to worry about crossing the line. There is a reason why successful CEOs usually score high when it comes to EQ.

LinkedIn’s value proposition is unmatched.

It allows you to target an audience that is likely to convert into buyers, while also minimizing the risk of wasting your money and resources on useless leads. This superior targeting of ideal customers is the secret to increasing your sales.

No business can afford to lose time and resources. You can earn the LinkedIn Professional Marketer Certification and learn to orchestrate your LinkedIn advertising efforts to achieve business harmony.

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