LinkedIn Is the Ultimate Marketing Tool for Small Businesses

Many people assume the only purpose of LinkedIn is recruitment. Those who know better find it to be a social platform for industry leaders and well-known experts. Unfortunately, many small businesses believe they can skip out on LinkedIn, not knowing the network has grown to 675 million users worldwide. 

This is a dire misconception, since small businesses can highly benefit from this platform by building relationships with like-minded professionals, staying up-to-date with industry trends, and finding potential customers.

Small businesses can derive countless benefits from including LinkedIn in their marketing efforts.

1. Increase Visibility

LinkedIn Company Pages rank highly with search engines by making your company visible

Stay Connected With Your Employees

Find Prospective Employees & Customers

Encourage Interaction with Your Business

  1. Build the Brand

People are more likely to buy from those they know, like, and trust. Your profile visitors should be able to learn quickly about your company and why they should choose you. Your company page needs to be complete, up-to-date, and accurately represent your business.

  1. Connect to other companies in your niche 

When it comes to branding, it is incredibly important to make sure your company is discussed by other brands in your niche. With a regular presence and frequent LinkedIn activity, you can socialize with your industry peers to extend your reach and get noticed by a larger audience.

  1. Showcase positive customer feedback to increase your sales

More than 80% of consumers depend on online reviews and recommendations before purchasing a product. Moreover, 75% of B2B buyers are influenced by social media when deciding on a purchase. LinkedIn allows you to warm leads and achieve “social selling’’. According to LinkedIn, social selling leaders manage to create 45% more sales opportunities.

More Sales Opportunities
  1. Gain an expert reputation by publishing content and sharing your knowledge

Many industry leaders were discovered by publishing content. LinkedIn posts are welcomed by Google SEO and other search engines, allowing you to build a reputation of an industry expert and educate your audience with value-adding content.

  1. Gain promotional benefits by joining LinkedIn Groups 

You can find groups for every business niche. Becoming a member of these groups is the easiest way to promote your business for free, engage with your customers, and, ultimately, create a community around your brand. In 2019, statistics showed that only 2 percent of LinkedIn members have not joined any groups.

As your business grows, LinkedIn will play an important role in nurturing the growth and cultivation. This platform can add a professional focus to your social media marketing efforts. With Facebook, you can reach a large audience, but through LinkedIn, you can connect with people that can truly benefit your business- the decision-makers. 

This is only ONE of the reasons why this platform should be a crucial component of your social media strategy. LinkedIn Professional Marketer Certificate can help you discover all the secrets of using this platform, along with the benefits for small businesses.

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