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Everyone knows the social media giant and marketing megalith – Instagram. What you might not realize however is that Instagram will eventually fade away. Other social media platforms will take over in terms of engagement and brand marketing, leaving Instagram social media marketing in the past.

Twitter – Not Your Best Choice

With the co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, also allotting 50% of his time to Square, his other startup, we have seen Twitter decline. Twitter’s premise didn’t leave a lot to be desired for marketing either – the set up is short quips in 150 characters or less.

This doesn’t leave much room for images, videos, multimedia content, or people interacting with your posts. 

The biggest new digital services, especially new apps, are usually created as a platform to transition or shift consumer behavior. Facebook became popular when it did because MySpace had opened the door to the new world of social media. The success of Instagram social media marketing can be traced back to the creation of MySpace.

Instagram social media marketing

Instagram social media marketing

Snapchat was the first to understand that photos are some of the easiest forms of communicating, and Twitter did this as well to some extent – by teaching the world how to combine social networking and texting. Featuring both messaging and connecting is what has made Instagram’s social media marketing so effective.

Unfortunately, users view Twitter similarly to Snapchat – except without the photos. Adding on to the failed marketing of Twitter is the use of Moments. It’s a worthy try, but the premise is that TV commercials will change Twitter’s trajectory and shoot it into the stardom of Instagram. Not going to happen.

In addition to why Twitter hasn’t worked for marketing moguls, common user errors prevent the platform from being comparable to Instagram. To even gain the littlest bit of traction, you need to make sure you Tweet regularly, have a Tweeting strategy, participate in relevant conversations, and encourage your followers. Don’t do one of these? You’re done for. Instagram social media marketing wins out in the battle of Twitter quips vs. IG stories.

So, if not Twitter – what else?

In recent months, you might have noticed teens dancing to inaudible music in the park, your children locked away in their rooms practicing their lip-syncing, and your colleagues at work begging you to participate in a hashtag challenge. What’s all this about? 


This mobile video app is similar to the long-gone Vine that captured people’s hearts with fun and short video clips. Launched in 2016, the app currently has 500 million active users and is especially popular in the US, India, and China.

This platform’s users create fun and entertaining looping videos that vary in length from 15 seconds to one minute. The app also provides various split-screen effects, special features, and special effects that users can use to make their videos more interesting to watch.

Why should brands join TikTok?

The number of users on TikTok and the app’s growth potential is the main reason why brands should join – especially those who have already created a mobile marketing strategy. However, some brands might still be wondering if it is worth it – after all, the majority of users are Gen-Zers.

If your target market is a younger audience, then this is the place to be. Look at how important video content is to your marketing strategy. If it’s a huge part of your brand, then TikTok is where you should be. Eventually, Instagram’s social media marketing will fall wayside to the ever-growing popularity of TikTok.

How to Market a Brand on TikTok

Now that you’ve decided TikTok is the next platform for you to use instead of Instagram, you need to figure out how to market your brand on the app. 

Behind-the-Scenes Look

First, take advantage of the intimate look you can get of your followers and other brands on the app. Very few other social media platforms let you connect with your customers so personally!

Create Unique Content

Use collaborations to create unique content by partnering with creators who already know the app’s ins and outs. This helps you create promo videos to enhance the searchlight on your brand.

Use Special Features

Duets are a type of collaborative video that lets you add a new video to an existing piece of content. The final product is a split-screen video that’s a great way to boost engagement. You can also use hashtag challenges to draw in millions of users and views if you have a creative enough challenge to share. 

Paid Ads

Paid advertising on TikTok, although relatively new, can create successful ad campaigns on the platform. 

Connect with YouTube

Establish Your Brand on YouTube

Finally, to market correctly and reach your target audience, you might consider pairing TikTok with another popular video platform – YouTube. 

Why You Should Be Marketing on YouTube

Let’s cover why you would want to combine your TikTok prowess with the benefits that come from YouTube. After all, Instagram’s social media marketing isn’t the only channel you can use for increased engagement.

The first reason to use YouTube is pretty self-explanatory – everyone loves video. People like watching a message, instead of reading one – a video is worth a thousand words.

Drive Engagement

When you use YouTube, you’re going to have an entire library of videos. With these videos, you can upload the video files to each platform, and also embed video content into your blog posts. This connects your TikTok, YouTube, and personal website, driving engagement to all your platforms!

Connect With Your Audience

YouTube also has a large and diverse audience which lets you optimize your search results by using the right keywords. By optimizing your keywords, you can instantly connect with your target audience instead of just hoping your video will show up by accident. Creating a connection is what Instagram social media marketing has done right – everyone loves getting ‘likes’ and increasing their follower count!

Reach Various Demographics

YouTube has extremely diverse demographics which can really help TikTok marketers. Since Gen-Zers mainly use TikTok, YouTube will broaden your audience’s age range so that you can reach more people – some of which will be directly in your target audience. 

Increase your Scope

23% of YouTube users are 25 – 34 years old, 26% are 35-44, 16% are 45-54, and 8% are 50-64. Using YouTube broadens the scope of who you reach with your TikTok videos, especially since mobile video views are increasing across all platforms. Also, the average viewing session on YouTube lasts 40 minutes, which is substantial compared to other social media apps. 

Turn TikTok Followers into YouTube Subscribers

There you have it – Instagram isn’t the end-all-be-all of social media marketing! By combining TikTok and YouTube, you can harness the unique power of each platform to create a successful, integrated marketing strategy. 

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