The Secrets Behind Facebook Lead Ads

Remember the days of growing a business with radio, yellow pages, and phone calls? How do entrepreneurs do it today, you ask? It’s simple – Facebook Lead Ads!

In the past, every possible customer interaction began with either a call or a direct visit with the prospect. Selling was a different art where skilled sellers could ask leading questions and build a strong case for a customer purchase (or identify if a product wasn’t right for a customer – you wouldn’t sell a butterfly net to an alligator trapper!)

Although many business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers THINK they know their audience, they might only know what the numbers are telling them – not what customers really think!

Facebook lead ads

The Struggle Is Real!

When you’re struggling to connect with your target customer and can’t find the solution to creating personal sales engagement, Facebook lead ads can help you get there in a few simple steps!

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook lead ads capture important details about customers, giving marketers opportunities to connect through product subscriptions, demo requests, contest registrations, webinar signups, and more.

These connections significantly enhance click-through rates and drive sales leads! 

How to Create a Lead Ad

Facebook lead ads

Here are 10 easy steps that you can follow to quickly set up a Facebook lead ad:

  • Go to the Ads Manager
  • Click ‘Create’ in the top-right corner
  • Click on ‘Lead Generation’ and name your campaign – make this personal to you
  • Click on ‘View Terms’ to agree to the Facebook Lead Ad terms for your campaign
  • Choose your target audience, budget, and schedule
  • Select your lead ad formats
  • Add your headline, content body, and call-to-action (sign up, share, etc.)
  • Click on ‘Contact Form’ – add an intro, questions, form type, privacy policy, and a thank you screen
  • Click ‘Settings’ and then check that you would like to gain organic leads
  • Click ‘Finish’ and then ‘Confirm’
Facebook lead ads

Benefits of Using Facebook Lead Ads

Simple and Easy to Navigate

With Facebook lead ads, potential clients easily submit their information via an auto-fill form without ever being directed to an external page, clicking on a distracting link, or leaving the desired destination page.

Mobile Usage

Remember just a few years back when Facebook suddenly went from a desktop user majority to mobile phones overnight? Mobile phone usage time and dependency accelerated 2-3 years in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic! With enhanced smartphone technology, lead ads optimized for mobile platforms improve participation and increase completion rates. Today’s marketing game starts with mobile!

Easy Data Collection

As the ad creator, you want as many people as possible to see and engage with your lead generation. To capture a potential customer’s information and attention span, you have to create lead ads that seamlessly integrate with your CRM (client relationship management software) or email autoresponder.

Your contact management system, whether it’s CRM or email, helps you manage, organize, and analyze all of your interactions with current and potential customers. Tracking each lead ad provides you the ability to tag each lead source. The compatibility of Facebook lead ads with your personalized CRM keeps all of your important information and analytics in one useful, secure, and trustworthy location.

Specialized Targeting

Highly-targeted market segmentation helps you acquire more leads to encourage engagement with your product or service. Segmentation refers to essential data like demographics, age, traits, pain points, expectations, and unique needs. Knowing this highly-detailed information helps you learn more about your current and target customers; and other important people in your network.

The key to maintaining successful relationships (in-person and online) is to understand others’ needs, personal preferences, and communication styles. 

Market Segmentation – Knowing Your Customer

Segmentation lets you learn about your customers on a non-superficial, personal level. This information lets you tailor your content to their personalities, schedules, and unique needs. If you broadly market your product and treat all customers the same, you’re missing out on the opportunity to explore your customers’ individuality and what makes them unique buyers. 

This process also encourages you to create targeted campaigns that resonate with your lesser-known and lesser-seen customers. Running highly-specialized campaigns improves your chances of understanding the challenges of different groups in your network, increasing customer loyalty, and discovering who your most valuable customers are!

Facebook lead ads

Customizing Your Lead Ad

There are a few ways to customize your lead ad so that you can funnel your audience down to a clear and concise end goal. This finish line allows for quick customer follow-ups, high-quality leads, and a targeted audience that interacts with you and your business. 

Custom Questions

Facebook lead ads

Tailoring your questions in Facebook lead ads ensures you are figuring out your audience’s preferences and communication styles. If you aren’t asking the right questions, you cannot access the crucial information that you need to grow your business.

You can add custom questions by clicking on the ‘+ Add Custom Question’ in the ‘Questions’ section of the Instant Form on Facebook. You will see a drop-down menu with various question styles and types that pertain to what you are trying to ask:

Multiple Choice

The user must select from a list of specific answers.

Short Answer

A short answer format leaves room for people to provide detailed, open-ended responses to big questions.

Facebook lead ads

Create a set of questions with conditional answers that change based on previous inputs by your client. Interactive lead funnels, which change based on responses, are proven to drive higher response rates.

Using various question styles is a crucial concept to keep in mind. Avoid using only short answer questions where users will have to continually type on their laptops or smartphones. Quick, easy to answer questions that don’t require too much thought increase response rates, and spontaneous answers are usually more honest!

Creativity Drives Results

Use Dynamic and Engaging Language

Nobody likes answering boring questions on a mundane, survey-like form. If you want clients to participate in your surveys, they need to be engaged! Keep the messaging of your lead ads consistent, exciting, and dynamic. Base the ‘language’ and ‘tone’ of questions on what your target audience has previously been interested in. By targeting the same (or similar) customers consistently, you have the means to collect high-quality, dependable leads that will provide you with the information necessary to grow your business! 

Include a ‘Click-to-Call’ Option

Remember when we mentioned the old-school ways of prospecting? While digital and social media marketing is king in today’s business world, the good old-fashioned way of generating leads is still alive! Get out that phone or fancy voice-over IP system and get selling!

When someone completes your lead ad form, adding an option for them to immediately contact your business can increase the chances of creating an enhanced connection. After all, if someone asks for your number and you don’t hear back from them for days, you might get the notion they’re no longer interested. The same rules apply to Facebook lead ads.

Allowing someone to contact you right away will play on their immediate interests and keep them engaged before the novelty and newness wear off.

You can even go a step further by adding a completion section to your instant form to keep people engaged with your business. Ideas for completion sections include a link to your website or access to an exclusive deal! You can even add a customized button to your ‘Thank You’ page:

Appointment Scheduling

Just like adding a button to your completion section in the lead ad, providing an easy way for clients to schedule an appointment with your business increases the likelihood of building a connection. Whether over the phone, via email, via form, or online portal, the button format can increase the number of follow-ups by booking a meeting or appointment successfully. 

Building the Perfect Lead Ad

Be Clear and Simple

By clearly stating your message and avoiding discombobulating verbiage – umm, confusing language – you can increase people’s likelihood of understanding and responding to your lead ad. A good strategy is to include key information at the beginning of your lead generating form, ensuring people know what they’re ‘signing up’ for before going through the time and effort to answer your questions.

Don’t overwhelm your potential audience and interested users with too many questions, random answers, or pretentious graphics. Keep your questions simple, concise, dynamic, and to the point of what you want to know.

Reflect Your Brand

Your ad should directly reflect the nature of your brand – including the personality of your business, what you want to accomplish, your ethos, and the overall character of your company. Reflecting your personality – and your brand’s vision – humanizes your company, encouraging communication, relationships, and customer loyalty.

Offer an Incentive

People will be more willing to take the time and effort to share their information if you offer something in return!

Popular incentives that help foster increased feedback include informational PDFs or e-books, pre-order options, special deals, short-term offers, and event ticket discounts.

Ask the Right Questions

Your business and character are one of a kind – so why would you use basic questions that apply to every other company in the world? You, your brand, and your customers are unique – so curate your lead ads to reflect that! 

Tailor your questions to your business’ style and target demographic. This helps keep your users interested and prevents potential clients from bailing out mid-form. 

“What day of the week works best for your appointment?”
“If you used X product, could it make a difference?”
Follow-up With Customers

A fast follow-up shows customers that you’re interested in THEIR answers, points of view, and that you care about what they have to say about your business! Not to mention, quickly responding to someone increases the chances of further communication, since keeping your business and information in the forefront of their mind will keep them interested, engaged, and more willing to interact with your brand.

Facebook lead ads

Using messaging apps is the most effective communication method with individual users. As mobile usage continues to accelerate, two-thirds of customers rank online messaging ahead of live chat, face-to-face interactions, and phone calls. 

Everyone is so used to typing, texting, and voice-noting each other that the idea of meeting in person or speaking on the phone can be overwhelming. Plus, if you’re a multi-tasker like most people, you’ll be able to communicate with your customers while online shopping, making coffee, or watching Netflix! We suggest hitting pause on your favorite show, however, so you can focus on your customer’s important queries. 🙂

Successful Lead Generation – Case Studies

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